Oracle training curriculum is carefully designed to meet the requirements of most development jobs and build the strong understanding of Oracle.

Course Contents

  • Overview of Oracle DBA tasks
  • Responsibilities of a DBA  
  • The Oracle General Architecture
  • Environment management (network, CPU, disk and RAM)
  • Logical & Physical Structures
  • Oracle Installation on Windows Server
  • Connecting to the Database
  • Overview of SQL*Plus DBA commands (startup, etc.)
  • Oracle*Net configuration – nca
  • Required SGA Components
  • Prep for OCA 
  • Download & Install Oracle Oracle in Linux
  • Overview of instance management
  • Shared pool and PGA configuration & Sizing
  • Oracle objects & management
  • Types of Oracle indexes & constraints (check, not null, unique
  • Oracle DBA Utilities
  • Table & index monitoring
  • Oracle environment monitoring