Abbottabad is the most beautiful city of the province of Khyber pakhtoon khwa,and is one of the best environmental cities of its own accord. Abbottabad is  famous for its educational institutions as the city of Schools & Colleges. Not only the local residents but students from all over the country come to this city for educational necessities and for other extra curricular activities. In the year 1994, at the Iqbal shopping complex Abbottabad, the inauguration ceremony of the Professional Institute of Computer Training (PICT) took place. This institution is providing technical education since then, so as to rectify the short fall of technical know how through its unique and meaningful education. PICT is affiliated with the different Technical Educational Boards of the province of Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa such as: Board of Technical Education (BTE) Peshawar, Trade Testing Board (TTB) Peshawar, and Skill Development Council (SDC) Peshawar. By the Grace of Almighty Allah, it is an honor for the institution that: from the last (17) years thousands of students both male & female, have qualified different technical courses form PICT, and are leading & spending a very happy life, which is a solid prove that the institution has rendered its services dutifully, and in accordance with the religious motto that: Education is obligatory for both man & woman. After serving for complete seven (07) years at Iqbal Plaza, the institution shifted to new khattak Plaza, at Link Road Abbottabad, opposite Govt. Girls College No.1 Abbottabad. Link Road location is the center of several renowned educational institutions of Abbottabad. PICT created absolutely a new setup at the new place and the students were – and are still – being provided with the best possible educational environment. From the very first beginning of PICT, separate classes for Boys & Girls were set up for the satisfactory educational, as well as the professional needs & requirements. Parents of the students are fully confident to send their children with pride to PICT. The hard working staff of the institution, not only give the technical education to students, but it also educates & trains the students with good morality, so that they, too may become a person of a good moral character. Students of PICT have always obtained either first or second positions of the result form BTE, TTB and SDC examination at District level, and at several occasions the students of PICT obtained distinguished result at the provincial level.  The DZO of Abbottabad Mr. Mubasshar Raza and the Chairman Mr. Tariq Sultan were satisfied with the progress of PICT, and for this reason they considered and included PICT for their respective programs. In the session of 2007-08 with the co-operation of DZC, hundreds of students both male and female have completed their respective technical education of computer training. The chairperson & the entire staff members are working very hard to make this institution better than ever before, so as to satisfy the requirement of students, at large. The complete satisfaction of the students and well as the parents is the source of honor, dignity and respect of PICT.  May Allah the Almighty, give us strength and vigor to keep on working hard with courtesy, honesty and good moral values. And may Allah keep our PICT to work forever and enable us to serve the people of the country better. (Aameen)