On the successful completion of this course the student will be able to repair all types of mobile phones & also easily diagnose problems and repair it by using accurate tools and instruments.they can join as a customer support engineer (software) in any existing mobile service center or He/She can start his/her own Mobile Service Center.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Operating System
  • Basic Electronics
  • Wireless Phone System
  • Cellular Telephone Service
  • Handsets ·Brands and Models of Cell Phones
  • Memories, Batteries, Antennas
  • Sim Card Architecture
  • SMD Re-work station
  • Networking Types
  • LCD Technology
  • Data Cables, Universal Box, EMMI Box
  • Assembling & Trouble Shooting.
  • Software for Handsets
  • Common Software Problems
  • Upgrading Software
  • Changing IMEI numbers
  • Locking & Unlocking Handsets
  • Updating Ringer Tones, Logos
  • Re-Programming Handsets
  • EEPROM Programming
  • Data Backup & Recovery